Best games of all time

Posted in Uncategorized on February 7, 2009 by iacto

Puzzle: Uplink
Adventure: Zelda: Wind Waker (I loved it ok?)
RPG (non MMO): Deus Ex
Co-Op: Left 4 Dead (no competition on this one)
MMORPG: EvE Online
FPS (single player): Call Of Duty 4
FPS (multi player): Battlefield 2142
Real-Time Strategy: Starcraft:Brood War
Turn Based Strategy: Heroes Of Might And Magic III
Racing Game: Trackmania
3rd Person Shooter: Hitman:Blood Money
Platformer: Yoshi’s Story


Behold the Church of Primark!

Posted in Musings, Verse on January 30, 2009 by iacto

I was just walking past the Primark in Brighton and it struck me how much it looked like a church. With its large windows filled with manekins, its grand entrance and its cross-type shape on the apex of the building, it looked like a newage church. So I wrote what I thought. I wrote it in the form of verse.

Behold the church of primark
we shall fight in thine name
your clothes bring joy to thousands
Absolve yourself from blame
Great cathedral of clothes
From the market to the stall
You shrug at the insignificance
of lowering prices for us all
The tears of many manekins
they parade with misled woe
The great Primark is coming
To fight prices toe to toe
Your building is a monument
To your victory
Before your wrathful gaze
other supermarkets flee
So behold the church of primark
as we shall sing its praise
you hold us in embrace
as you set our souls ablaze
So bring up your children
to love the greatest store
as it was, and is
and shall be. Evermore.

Hello world!

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If I ever make a robot, whenever it turns on it will say ‘Hello World!’